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Jason showed us how to tie in correctly to the ropes, then gave cat the instruction on how to hold the ropes correctly when I was climbing, then turning to me said “climb when your ready” I felt comfort in his face, and decided to start without resting, I started to climb, and as soon as my feet left the ground I felt my anxiety rise, but I had to do this, no way was I going to make a fool of my self in front of such a handsome man, I turned my fear off and kept going vagley aware of the instructions and corrections being giving to cat, I soon found if I didn’t look up or down I could happily keep moving, I suddenly was snapped back to reality by a sharp call of “stop there” form Jason my mind automatically jumped to the conclusion some thing was wrong, that was when my anxiety hit me hard, like running in to a brick wall, then Jason continued, “ we are going to practice lowering now, so I want you to let go of the wall and lean as far back as you can and put your feat flat against the wall” this is when I finally looked down and realized I was over 20 feet off the ground, I couldn’t trust this rope not to break, if it did I would probably die from this height, after lots of talking and comforting form Jason I finally let go of the wall and was lowered safely to the ground. My name is Sarah and this is the story of how I lost my virginity, I live in a small county in the south pacific called New Zealand, I’m 19 now but when this all happened I was only 18, I stand 5’7 with blond hair, I would say I’m thin but no one else will agree with me, I have an athletic build with strong well formed shoulders firm perky C cup breasts I’m immensely proud of, a very small wast that feels like I could get both my hands around, and an ass that is proportionate to my build.

Hentai: It looks good

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