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“OHH, I almost forgot about the auto-matic fillet remover” Jerry said “OHH cool how does it work?” Jessica asked “Type in this code to activate it F-0067, you only have to do this once then never again” Jerry responded, Jessica looks to the keyboard, types in F-0067 and hits enter, a new laser was activated and calibrated, one each girl a new red line appeared around their cunt fillet's “This is making me so very horney” Jessica said moving her hand to her pussy she began masturbating herself. Looking up from his papers “Ok I spent the night with Lina, If you think its time she was slaughtered then let head over to the slaughter house, the new laser system will cut her into two halves would you like half?” He asked “Sure, I always teased her that her meat would be sweet I would love to see if I was right” Jessica replied “Ok ill take the other half for my freezer” He added “I will miss her though she sucks cock like a pro, but I added her number back to the computer as livestock waiting for slaughter this morning, ill get her and meat you on slaughter line one” Jerry said as he got up from his desk and left the room.

Hentai: ARTIST onedirtydog

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